R&G Railroad System


Establishing the route of your R&G Railroad System

Most systems are design to circle the perimeter of a given room. Another popular layout is the point to point shuttle. After establishing the route of your system, determine common height that will not interfere with door and window openings.


Using paper to sketch your proposed layout is a great aid. Add dimensions to your sketch and insert potential hazards such as: doors, windows, columns, etc. The sketch can include the necessary sections & brackets that you plan to utilize on your layout.


01. Having determined the height, drive a 4 penny headed nail in each corner as you determine level point.


02. Attach braided nylon string to the first nail head, attach a string level to taut cord and establish a level line from the corner to corner on all walls involved.


03. Now you are ready to install the corner brackets. Place directly above corner nail, with the 3” x #8 Phillips drive wood screws provided with the bracket. In most cases, the E-Z Ancors should not be needed on corner brackets.


04. After all the corner brackets are secured in place, you can clam the respective curve sections to the corner brackets with 3” C-Clamp. Determine the center point of the curve and apply a think block of wood in 3” C-Clamp to each.


05. Now you can begin utilizing the wall brackets at each end of each curve sections. These brackets must be above the level string and be vertically level (this may be accomplished by shimming between the wall and bracket.) Also, position the bracket so it will receive both sections equally. After the position is established insert the deluxe ice pick in the pre-drilled holes of the bracket.


06. The next step is to install E-Z Ancor in the drywall. (If, it is determined that a wood stud does not exist directly behind the drywall.) This method of determining position of wall bracket will work with all the various wall brackets provided. then use your #2 Phillips Drive on your drill to install the 2” x #8 wood screws into bracket and then into E-Z Ancor (Do not over tighten). Apply 3” C-Clamp and a thin block of wood to hold the section in position to bracket.


07. Between the curve sections on needs to determine the proper number of 48” straight sections. If you determine that the last sections is going to be considerably shorter than 48”, you may want to cut all section to equal length for best appearance.


08. Determine your mid point and install a wall bracket as previously described. Now use the pre-determined lengths. Install the next wall bracket as described previously, keeping in mind that each bracket must receive both sections equally and be vertically level. As each straight section is installed in the wall bracket make sure you use a 3” C-Clamp and use a thin block of wood to hold in position for later hot glue application.


09. After all the sections are clamped in place, then apply hot glue sparingly at each bracket below the butt joint. Some shimming may be necessary to achieve and acceptable joint between sections. Release one clam at a time (mark guide line on the bracket of section positioning), apply hot glue, check for evenness of joint and re-apply clamp till glue sets. Follow the same procedure for remaining joints. For best appearance install wood buttons provided with small amount of glue.


10. Now you are ready to install track on your new layout. The track will bridge each joint and a 3/4” x #4 brass R.H. Screw should be installed on each side of the joint and additional screws should be installed approximately every 18 inches.

Recommended tools needed for installation

Tape Measure (1” x 30 ft.)
Light Hammer
Step Ladder
Utility Level
Braided Nylon String
Miter Box Saw (Manual)
3/8” Variable Speed Drill
Hot Glue Gun
Deluxe Ice Pick

#2 Phillips Drive Bit
#2 Phillips Screw Driver
Sanding Block
Framing Square
12 – 4” C-Clamps
Small Thin Blocks of Wood
String Level
Slotted Screwdriver
Exacto Fine Tootch Saw